band of the revolution summer

Rites of Spring is often classified as the first emo band ever. They were formed in the Spring of 1984 and lead the charge of the Revolution Summer (summer of 1985), which was Washington D.C. bands trying to take the violence out of the scene by playing more emotional music. Their first and only LP, Rites of Spring, was recorded in February of 1985 and released in June of the same year. Their less chaotic EP, All Through A Life, was recorded in January of 1986. Shortly after, the band broke up. All Through A Life was released posthumously in May of 1987. After Rites of Spring broke up, 3 of the 4 members got together with Michael Hampton in May of 1986 for a reincarnation of Rites of Spring, called One Last Wish. Their only recording was done in November of 1986, which was released posthumously by Dischord Records in November of 1999, titled 1986. Shortly after the recording was done, One Last Wish broke up in January of 1987. Rites of Spring reunited in the spring of 1987 as Happy Go Licky. Happy Go Licky was more experimental than Rites of Spring or One Last Wish, mostly or completely improvising their songs. Since they were only around until New Years‘ Day of 1988, they never got a chance to record anything in a studio. Taped live performances were remastered by Ian MacKaye and released posthumously in August of 1997 as Will Play. Rites of Spring members Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty went on to play with Fugazi, which they are still both currently playing for.